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Any founder of a blog or website dedicated to food will no doubt declare they are a lover of all things even slightly related to it. I am no different, and to spare you lovely readers the overuse of a now much-read phrase and a rather embarrassing ream of sentences gushing over the wonders of flavours, produce and the pride I have in – yes – actually being able to stir some mix in a bowl and have it taste alright at the end, I will proceed with the story and aim of this space as briefly as I can.

From what you may have discerned from the name of the blog, this spot on the interweb is about praising the foods and meals we grow and make month by month, stimulated by a need to create deliciousness from what is available or to celebrate individuals or times of the year that hold a special kind of importance to us.

“Praise” is the operative word here. To plonk a rather incongruous disclaimer within this note, I have no wish to offend some by creating these dishes made at particular times of the year, and to have peeps think I am appropriating others’ cultures to market my own “culinary prowess” and objectify these same-said cultures deliberately in an embarrassingly gauche and tourist-like fashion. These are not my intentions at all.

This little place was created simply because I (as much as promised I wouldn’t say something so trite) love food. I love the variety there is;the scientific analysis of it to try to decipher what it is about food that makes our taste buds react the way they do; and most of all I love how humans have not only had the nouse to take something from the ground, adapt and combine it with other things, almost as a form of acceptance with what the earth has offered them, but also how human have used food for thousands of years as a way to celebrate the things that are important to them – events and persons, simple or sacred, to reflect their appreciation, and to use food as a way of bringing together their communities as they do it, showing one of our species’ most unique qualities that defines us from many other creatures: altruism. If man is guilty of imperfection, selfishness and ridiculousness (of which I am mostly certainly a frequent offender), our ability to grow, create and share our nosh is one little nugget of loveliness on this planet that redeems our foibles.

One thing I don’t want to promise is that this blog will be the official guide to seasonal grub and celebratory meals. Nor do I wish to assert that I am a master cook, exceptional baker, or qualified historian. I am a typical peep, of the middling sort, here simply to share my journey of tasty discoveries.

Some important points before I begin:

  • Where I live ….. I am based in England, UK. This is necessary to state, in case my overseas chums are mystified by terms/measurements/ingredients I describe and use. I shall endeavour to provide equivalents where I can, but this does lead me on to my next point…
  • Seasonal foods ….. Seasonal foods will, of course, apply to the monthly sproutations of UK fruit and veg. Sorry to all the wonderful peeps abroad who may despair over crops they may not grow naturally in their country (but let’s not forget you are probably blessed with awesome weather, and not subject to the grimness of grey Britain).
  • Odd ingredients ….. As I’m immensely looking forward to discovering and making the meals fashioned throughout the world for a multitude of celebrations, from time to time I will use ingredients that aren’t grown in the UK to try to recreate the dishes to the best of my ability. Where I have had difficulty sourcing specific ingredients and used substitutes, I will make a conspicuous note. In addition, while I will make an effort to use authentic ingredients for my historical recipes, “homage” is the key word here. Subject to availability and time, if there’s a way to create an old recipe in an economic and speedy manner, I will opt for it. Soz.
  • The facts ….. Since this blog will also observe the historical and religious backgrounds associated with the holidays, I will do what I can to describe the traditional and/or solemn practices involved. Any inaccuracies or warped information will be due to my cloddishness, and please do let me know in the comments if any of the things I summarise need tweaking.
  • Posts ….. I will try to post at least once a week, every Wedsday. As I started this blog end of January 2018, I understand I have missed many opportune days and celebrations to acknowledge and write about. My hope is for this space to continue and grow in time, and over the next few years I wish to explore and detail these neglected holidays – and any others I inadvertently miss – with as much gusto as the others.

Most importantly, my peeps – enjoy this space as much as I enjoy writing it.

Emily x

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